Bringing “God’s light in color” to life is not only Jack & Cindy Whitworth’s business motto, but undoubtedly their life’s meaning as well. They started their work with Whitworth’s Stained Glass almost 50 years ago, building a successful endeavor out of a hobby which has led to housing their work in churches, residences and businesses throughout the United States and even abroad. They specialize in restorations as well as new creations and their labor of love brighten the lives of the many people it touches.

Located at 104 Melody Lane, the couple has proven to be harmonious not only in their collaborative process but with their higher calling. Their prayers were answered when they had the opportunity to purchase this large complex which had previously served as a temporary church building to hold services while their actual house of worship was being built. While Cindy jokes that she lacked specification in her manifestation – hoping for an actual church with windows and a gothic point – they were nonetheless grateful for their gain. The Whitworths have called New Braunfels “home” since 2007 adding local business to the 100+ churches they had restored prior to moving here. Increased business led to quickly outgrowing their walls, however, they were met with divine intervention once more when lightning struck the building and ultimately led to the opportunity to add on additional workspace. When all was said and done, they reached the nearly 6000 square foot space they work in today which houses a public showroom among their workshops and office.

The art of stained glass, especially large scale, is incredibly labor intensive and individualistic.  Jack & Cindy Whitworth’s passion and reverence for it is proven in their level of involvement to do the job with the utmost care of giving each piece the respect it deserves and puts forth to its viewers. Each of their skill sets unite the glory and power of stained glass and together continue to illuminate this ancient art.

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